Deli Time

The Project

Breakfast before work or lunch during work, that is the question. Well, why not have both, in your office, every day? This is why we love Deli Time.

Since their creation in 1991, Deli Time has supplied some of the luckiest Class A office buildings in Illinois with delicious breakfast and lunch options. Over the past 24 years Deli Time has enjoyed sustained growth with aims of continued expansion. Focusing on handcrafted deli-style fare, Deli Time is committed to providing the most convenient dining experience with unmatched quality, variety and value.

How Frey Helped

In 2014 Deli Time approached Frey Design with hopes of revitalizing their brand to better connect with their customers. Using Deli Time’s core values as a base, we crafted a new identity to modernize the brand. Along with this identity, we set strong brand guidelines in place, accounting for color palette, professional photography, updated typography standards and much more. Using this new identity system, we redeveloped all of Deli Time’s collateral, which is set to roll out across all 35 of their locations throughout 2015.