PapaNicholas Coffee

The Project

When you approach the coffee aisle in Jewel-Osco, Walmart or Target you will find brand names like Starbucks, Folgers & Maxwell House. And now, more than ever before, you can find the finely-crafted beans of PapaNicholas Coffee.

For over 100 years PapaNicholas has produced their coffee with premium beans that have been roasted in a traditional European style. With the primary mission of providing consumers with an excellent cup of coffee at an even better price, PapaNicholas continues to grow into a national coffee powerhouse and has taken the role of a household brand.

How Frey Helped

15 years ago Frey Design & PapaNicholas partnered together to create a brand that not only spoke to the quality of the coffee, but could also compete with the largest brands on the market. The success of the brand lead to a growing need for innovative, attention-capturing design that was both strongly recognizable and flexible enough for rapid growth. In 2012 Frey Design worked with PapaNicholas to redefine the brand identity. Over the years we have developed their wildly successful k-cup packaging as well as their beloved whole bean and ground packaging. In 2014 Frey Design & American Eagle Web Development began work on the new with Frey Design at the head of UI/UX, design and layout.