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Managed WordPress Hosting: Ensuring Speed, Security, and Seamless Operations

Jason Frey

June 10, 2023 4 Min Read

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the technical aspects of maintaining your WordPress site or wanted to learn about its speed and security, this post targets you. Firstly, we'll dive into the incredible benefits of fully managed WordPress hosting services and explain why they stand as the perfect solution for WordPress site owners.

Dive Into Understanding Managed WordPress Hosting

Think of managed WordPress hosting as hiring an experienced property manager for a real estate property: they ensure smooth operations. Similarly, a managed WordPress hosting service serves as your dedicated technical assistant for your website. This service handles responsibilities like daily backups and identifies vulnerabilities when discovered, offering a holistic website maintenance approach.

Frey Chooses WP Engine for Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

At Frey, we hold the success and seamless operation of the WordPress websites we develop for our clients in high regard. With this objective, we consistently choose WP Engine for all our managed WordPress hosting requirements. Why? In simple terms, WP Engine provides a fully managed hosting experience that removes the stress and complexity of web maintenance. This allows our clients to focus on growing their businesses, confident that experts dedicated exclusively to WordPress secure, optimize, and regularly update their websites. Moreover, thanks to WP Engine's cutting-edge infrastructure, we guarantee faster loading times, stringent security measures, and unparalleled support. WP Engine's commitment to excellence reflects our dedication to delivering the best to our clients, making them our ideal partners for crafting exceptional WordPress websites.

Why Opt for Managed WordPress Hosting?

  1. Simplify Your Website Management

    More than 1 million websites on WP Engine receive automated updates, backups, one-click staging, and access to premium themes, making website management straightforward.

  2. Ensure Top-Notch Security for Your Site

    Did you know that WP Engine blocks over 26 billion cyber attacks annually? This guarantees your business's online safety. You can relish platform-level protection, free SSL, and peace of mind, knowing threats don't affect your site.

  3. Boost Your Site's Performance

    Fast-loading websites are vital for user experience and SEO. WP Engine offers a 40% increase in page speed on their platform, always pleasing site visitors and search engines.

  4. Benefit from WordPress Expertise

    With 24/7 global support and a 97% customer satisfaction rate, WP Engine addresses any concerns or problems related to your WordPress site promptly and efficiently.

Why Speed and Security Matter

Your site's load time can determine its success. Statistics reveal that for every extra second a website loads, its conversion rates decrease by 12%. With cyber threats evolving rapidly, having a secure website becomes a necessity. Managed WordPress hosting, especially from leaders like WP Engine, fulfills this crucial role.

Making the Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting– Is It Worth It?

Transitioning to a fully managed WordPress hosting service might intimidate you. But the benefits greatly outshine the initial effort. Picture this transition as moving from a DIY home, where you handle all repairs and upgrades, to a luxury condo with a team that manages all maintenance.


At Frey Design, we advocate for providing our clients with the best. That's why we endorse managed WordPress hosting solutions like WP Engine. They eliminate the challenges of website hosting and guarantee top speed, security, and support.

If you're keen on elevating your website's potential! Click here to access a special offer exclusively for our readers. By signing up through this link, you will benefit from WP Engine's best pricing offer at all times. It's a win-win situation, ensuring your site gets the care and expertise it deserves. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to partner with the best in the industry.

Want to boost your website's performance and security? Let's converse! Schedule a Managed Hosting Consultation with our team today.

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