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Commercial Real Estate Marketing Expertise


In the hyper-competitive, rapidly evolving Commercial Real Estate industry, businesses need an agency partner they can count on to catapult them above their competition. We at Frey are that partner, producing high-impact work for our Commercial Real Estate clients for more than 20 years. We know your industry. We speak your language. We deliver results. Whether you’re a building owner or manager, broker, or looking to lease a space, we’re ready to hit the ground running from day one as an extension of your team, working diligently behind-the-scenes to build and launch your brand, captivate your audience, and convert your prospects.

Building Owners

Our team will create or enhance your brand presence by establishing your voice, personality and conceptual look, ultimately differentiating you from your competition. We’ll also take your property marketing efforts to the next level, ideating new tactics, expanding your brand awareness and market footprint, and streamlining your marketing operations.

Investment Real Estate

Let us add a “wow” factor to your pitches. We’ll create stand-out investment sales listings and promotional materials, cut your marketing production time in half, and provide insights into your prospects. Our goal is always to ensure you stand apart from your competition and engage with your target audience in a strategic and meaningful way.

Leasing Brokers

As property marketing experts, we help you capture, engage and convert your prospects into lifelong relationships. We guide you so you can individualize your property listings, improve your asset visibility and markedly reduce your production time so you can effortlessly stay on point.

Our Commercial Real Estate Marketing Gadgets
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Corporate Commercial Real Estate Websites

Websites are no longer simply a necessity, as everyone has a website, Your website needs to stand out in three main areas, content, design and technology. Frey has been producing custom corporate website for the smallest and largest companies in this space.

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Property Marketing Websites

Showcase your listings, property photography and client testimonials via beautifully designed, interactive websites that offer prospective tenants and investors 24/7/365 access to key property information.

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Offering Memorandums

We thoroughly research and create imaginative, intelligent designs for your Offering Memorandums that look sleek and professional, while also presenting your investment sales listings in a way unique to your competitors.

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Lead Management Systems

Our data-driven lead generation plans outline who is accessing your website and what content they are engaging with, as well as alert you when your client views a specific document, ensuring you can follow up in a timely manner to convert business.

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Showcase your commercial properties via mobile-friendly HTML-based email campaigns. Our stunning, custom templates will enable you to email your clients and prospects any time, from any device. We’ll also set you up to receive detailed reports on your campaign performance, enabling you to test and adjust content to achieve maximum engagement.

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Visual Identity Systems

We’ll create a Visual Identity System for your company that incorporates the creative elements of your brand with your portfolio and properties. While your visual ID is just one piece of the puzzle, it’s crucial in establishing your brand presence in the marketplace and ensuring you stand apart from your competition.

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Social Media Marketing

Reach new and existing supporters via social media. We’ll help you select the appropriate platforms for strategically connecting with your audience; produce high-quality content and campaigns; A/B test content and analyze results; and achieve increased brand awareness, engagement and conversion. Whether your goal is to drive leasing and sales or build an investment portfolio we can help!