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Offering Memorandum Design

As a global leader in real estate services, CBRE has over 75,000 real estate professionals on their team. Their agents have clients in over 100 countries, spanning across commercial, retail, residential, and industrial markets. To foster the best possible return on investment, the real estate giant utilizes local market insight, specialized expertise, broad services, and the premier resources and tools at their disposal.

CBRE approached Frey Design looking for a way to completely revamp their Offering Memorandum documents for new clients. To create OMs with an intelligently designed and sophisticated content structure, Frey conducted extensive research into various client brands. This research process included gathering font types, color palettes, stylistic choices, and visual strategies to influence the overall design process of each OM. Intelligent designs developed out of the idea of pure cohesion between documents, ensuring that regardless of the client, the OM was clean, concise and easily readable. Frey has created over 25 unique and complex Offering Memorandum documents for CBRE.

CenterPoint Intermodal Offering Memorandum

Offering Memorandums can oftentimes have over 100 different pages per book. To alleviate any sensory overload, Frey created clean, concise content design structures that got important details across without overwhelming potential clients. At 100 pages, the final products were visually stunning and built to convey information in a concise format.

Long Format Offfering Memorandum Design

Frey Design not only wanted to create clean, reorganized content for CBRE, but also strong visual assets within the Offering Memorandum documents. To heighten the visual appeal of each page, Frey incorporated illustrated maps highlighting surrounding areas as well as aerials that gave the reader a bird’s eye view of their potential property. Frey also designed in-depth site plans that allowed readers to get a good feel of their prospective property as a whole. With these new strong visual aids, the Offering Memorandums were now more closely linked to their subjects.

Offering Memorandum Illustrative Assets

CBRE’s Offering Memorandums contained a lot of numerical values that, if not organized in the correct formatting, would get lost in a content restructuring. For the Financial section in particular, it was important that all the information was in an easily digestible format to avoid gaps in communication. Frey Design integrated clean, organized charts for larger sets of data, converting the values into an easy-to-read format that assured all information was clearly stated.

Offering Memorandum Design Data Design
Offering Memorandum Financial Design

Charts and graphs are an exceptional way to get data across to OM readers. However, there were strong statistical data that could be key selling points within a presentation. Rather than incorporate those pieces of data into a larger chart, Frey Design implemented customized infographics that created a hierarchy of statistics, highlighting the positive attributes that the data figures contributed to the overall property.

CBRE National Partners OM Design
CBRE Offering Memorandum Data Visualization
CBRE Offering Memorandum Market Report

Frey customized all of the Offering Memorandums according to each CBRE client’s specifications. This involved extensive research into each client’s brand, voice, color palette and overall visual identity. Through Frey’s content restructuring, a framework was developed in order to to make revisions and edits a more streamlined process. A flexible formatting allowed for more OMs to be created at a faster turnaround, giving the Frey Design team more time to spend on creating unique new content for each CBRE client. Revisions are practically inevitable for Offering Memorandums, and now with this established formatting technique, they can be made much easier.

Offering Memorandum Flexible Formatting
Custom Flexible Offering Memorandum Design
Offering Memorandum Custom Design

Thanks to Frey’s thoroughly researched and intelligent design process, CBRE has over 25 customized Offering Memorandums for their respective clients, each spanning up to 100 pages. The information within each book is clean, concise and easy-to-read, combining traditional data input with visually stunning infographics and unique illustrative assets. Through this client-agency relationship, Frey was also able to gain more insight into the realm of CRE, developing a broker’s perspective into what information would be the most important to highlight in the overall data hierarchy.

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