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The Crucial Role of Managed WordPress Hosting Services for Your Website

Jason Frey

June 10, 2023 3 Min Read

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the technical aspects of maintaining your WordPress site or wanted more about its speed and security, this post is for you. We'll explore the incredible benefits of fully managed WordPress hosting services, explaining why they're the perfect solution for WordPress site owners.

Understanding Managed WordPress Hosting

Just like hiring an experienced property manager ensures the smooth operation of a real estate property, a managed WordPress hosting service acts as a dedicated technical assistant for your website. With a myriad of responsibilities from daily backups, security, to ensuring the latest WordPress updates are installed, it's a holistic approach to website maintenance.

Why Opt for Managed WordPress Hosting?

  1. Simplify Your Website Management

    With over 1 million websites on WP Engine receiving automated updates, backups, one-click staging, and access to premium themes, the entire website management process becomes a breeze.

  2. Ensure Top-Notch Security for Your Site

    Did you know that WP Engine blocks 26 billion+ cyber attacks every year? This ensures your business is always safe online. Enjoy platform-level protection, free SSL, and peace of mind knowing your site is shielded from threats.

  3. Boost Your Site's Performance

    A fast-loading website is critical for user experience and SEO. WP Engine boasts a 40% increase in page speed on their platform, ensuring site visitors and search engines are always satisfied.

  4. Benefit from WordPress Expertise

    With 24/7 global support and a 97% customer satisfaction rate, WP Engine ensures that any concerns or problems related to your WordPress site are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Why Speed and Security are Paramount

A site's load time can make or break its success. Statistics show that for every extra second a website takes to load, its conversion rates drop by 12%. Similarly, with cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, a secure website is not just a luxury but a necessity. That's where managed WordPress hosting, especially from leaders like WP Engine, plays a pivotal role.

Making the Switch – Is It Worth It?

Transitioning to a fully managed WordPress hosting service can seem daunting. However, the perks far outweigh the initial effort. Think of it as moving from a DIY home where you handle every repair and upgrade yourself to a luxury condo where a dedicated team takes care of all maintenance.


At Frey Design, we believe in equipping our clients with the best. That's why we recommend fully managed WordPress hosting solutions like WP Engine. They take the hassle out of website maintenance and ensure optimal speed, security, and support.

Consider your website as a valuable asset. Just as you would protect and maintain a luxury car, your website deserves the same care. Let's work together to ensure your WordPress site runs seamlessly, efficiently, and securely.

Want to enhance your website's performance and security? Let's chat! Schedule a Managed Hosting Consultation with our team today.

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