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Illinois Civics Hub

Illinois Civics Hub is the leading resource for Illinois Civics education tools and information on the required implementation of civics classes in Illinois.

Illinois Civics Hub knows that the civic mission of schools is not a new concept. Our nation’s public schools were founded to develop citizens with knowledge, and the rights and responsibilities of self-government. Yet formal civic education has almost vanished from the curriculum in most schools. Their mission is to provide our youngest generation with an understanding of our constitutional system, and an appreciation for the achievements of, and opportunities provided by self-government.

Their core curriculum focuses on five key elements: Safe & Reflective Classrooms, Current & Societal Issue Discussions, Direct Instruction on Democratic Institutions, Service Learning, and Simulations of Democratic Processes.

Frey Design worked initially through a logo redesign with a committee in charge of the Illinois Civics Hub. In designing the new brand identity, Frey also helped select new brand colors and fonts. With a new brand established, Frey moved over to a complete redesign of the old website and a Democracy Schools website. We worked with the team to strategically define a new, more simple, and usable sitemap and outline. From there we went through a full custom design and development process, landing on a website that is and will be a resource for Illinois Civics education for years to come.

what we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Branding Systems
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development

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